Wireworld Solstice 8 2RCA to 2RCA Analogue Interconnects


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New in box a Pair Wireworld Solstice 8 Analogue Interconnects RCA L/R-Channel (Stereo)

Available in optional length.


With a new Tri DNA Helix design, Solstice 8s silver-plated Oxygen-Free Copper conductors and Composilex 3 insulation improve reproduction of musical detail and expression in both analog and balanced digital applications. Gold Tube RCA plugs have a smooth firm grip and the highest conductivity in their class.


Think it all sounds too good to be true? Audition it in your home today with the security of our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.


Hear Tonal Realism and Dynamic Punch from Your Audio Gear: Budget-Friendly Wireworld Solstice 8 Interconnects Feature Composilex 3 Insulation and Excellent Durability
Plenty of affordable interconnects are on the market, but very few are backed by rigorous scientific research and packed with the cutting edge-technology found in Wireworld’s Solstice 8. A result of Wireworld’s unique polygraph sound testing procedures, Solstice 8 is designed to come remarkably close to matching the sound of a direct “no-cable” connection to your equipment. By hooking Solstice 8 up to your gear, you’ll experience a level of tonal realism and dynamic punch that can only be heard in cables costing several times its asking price.

Incorporating a Tri DNA Helix design, Solstice 8 keeps its 13-strand, silver-plated, oxygen-free copper conductors strategically spaced and perfectly parallel – regardless of how the cable is positioned during installation. The upshot: It drastically reduces the signal loss and time timing smear that make lesser cables sound muddy and anemic. Going a step further, Wireworld encases Solstice 8’s conductors in Composilex 3, the company’s proprietary blend of insulation materials. It acts as a shield to protect your system from the electromagnetic and radio interference that rob your music of its energy and focus.


DNA Helix TM
Technology created by Wireworld, consisting of placing four flat conductors into a structure resembling a DNA chain. It neutralizes electromagnetic losses.

Kable Przewody Wireworld Solstice 8 Interkonect stereo 0,5m


Composilex 3
Composilex is an insulating composite material developed by WireWorld, which directly improves the sound quality, eliminating the so-called Noise Modulation Distortion (NMD – noise interference modulation), generated by conventional insulation materials.


Wireworld Silver + Gold Plating Tube™ RCA Plugs


Along with its superb sound quality, Solstice 8’s great durability and ease of use make it ideal for smaller systems and custom installations. And because its connections are silver- and gold-plated, Solstice 8 delivers lightning-fast transients that will startle you during a movie’s action sequences and bring clarity to your favorite music. All that performance is yours for a price that won’t break the bank – 100% Music Direct Guaranteed.



From the recording microphones to our ears, the better the links in the audio chain, the more musical detail and expression we hear. Wireworld interconnects are designed, tested and manufactured to provide the most sonically transparent path for your music. Their patented DNA Helix internal structure consists of parallel strands in layered flat conductors that channel electromagnetic signal energy more efficiently than coaxial and twisted pair cables. They also benefit from Composilex 3, a third generation composite insulation technology with lower triboelectric noise than any conventional low loss insulation, including DuPont Teflon®. With upgraded designs and superior materials, Wireworld Series 8 interconnects embody real progress in preserving tone quality, imaging and dynamic expression.

The upgrade to Composilex 3 in Series 8 interconnects improves tonal purity and image focus, while the increased number of strand groups has increased detail, soundstage separation, bass extension and dynamic expression.


Wireworld RCA Interconnect Comparison Chart


                                                                                  *****AVAILABLE IN XLR CONNECTORS*****


Specification :

Design: Tri DNA Helix
Signal Conductors: 3 (13 strand groups)
Gauge: 23AWG / 0.26 sq. mm
Conductor Material: Silver-plated OFC
Insulation: Composilex 3
Plug Contacts: Silver + Gold plated
Available lengths: 0.5m, 1m, 1.5m, 2m, 3m, & 6m
Lifetime Warranty




• CD player


• DVD player

• Tuner

• Audio Component

• Streamer

• TV

• Soundbar


• Amplifier
• Receiver


 Lifetime Warranty

*Available in 6m, 3m, 2m, 1.5m, 1m and 0.5m
*We send all item/s within 1-2 days*


We are an authorized Wireworld Cables dealership, so you can be assured of new and genuine products, covered by a full manufacturers warranty.


About Wireworld Cable

For over 30 years Wireworld Cable Technology has been dedicated to the development of true transparency and dynamic expression in premium audio and video cables.

Utilizing multiple patented technologies, ultra premium grade materials, and the truest testing methodology, we have created a product and a brand we are proud of, and we think its the best in the wire world. A bold claim, but reviewers around the world will concur, if you want a cable that performs as if there is no cable in your system at all, then Wireworld is the cable for you.


Please have a look at our other items we have all products Wireworld available, Any questions please contact with us. Thanks for looking.

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Design: Tri DNA Helix
Signal Conductors: 3 (13 strand groups)
Gauge: 23AWG / 0.26 sq. mm
Conductor Material: Silver-plated OFC
Insulation: Composilex 3
Plug Contacts: Silver + Gold plated
Available lengths: 0.5m, 1m, 1.5m, 2m, 3m, & 6m
Lifetime Warranty


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