QED XT25 Bi-Wire Speaker cables Terminated Qed Airloc Plugs


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A Pair for two speakers QED XT25 Bi-Wire Version Audio Speaker Cables Terminated in 2:4 Configuration 4x QED AIRLOC Banana Plugs at the Amplifier end, and 8x QED AIRLOC Banana Plugs at the Speakers end, or QED Airloc ABS 6-8mm SPADE Connectors on Request.

Also available QED XT25 Bi-Wire in 4:4 Configuration, please contact with us.


*****AIRLOC HIGH PERFORMANCE TERMINATION + extra QED pin section with PREMIUM gold plating*****

The XT25 Bi-Wire cable listed is a Pair length of Speakers in 2:4 Configuration.

Factory Terminated with total 12x-QED AIRLOC banana plugs (or spade Connectors on request).

AIRLOC a solder-free, airtight perfect fusion between the two metals of cable and plug. This ‘cold weld’ method allows the cable and plug to offer the optimum signal transfer and therefore, better sound quality. It also reduces contact resistance and ensures perfect long-term performance.



XT25 Bi-Wire

XT25 Bi-Wire with X-Tube™ Technology

XT25 Bi-Wire was designed as the natural complement to XT25, the 5-star-award winning*, entry-level X-Tube™ cable from QED. It incorporates four separate conductor bundles into a single, convenient X-Quad™ type geometry and is intended to present a much more enjoyable rendition of the musical performance when used in a bi-wire or bi-amped configuration.

In common with all our cables, XT25 Bi-Wire’s design was informed by the lessons learned during our exhaustive research into loudspeaker cable design, which was begun in 1995 and detailed in the recently updated Genesis Report. This report sets out the design principles to which we have adhered ever since and which resulted in the development of QED Supremus speaker cable – the ultimate expression of
sound through science without compromise. Each QED cable in the range is based on this unique concept and although their designs may be variously influenced by price, size or ease of use, each retains the basic original features of the flagship model. This gives even the base-model cables a sonic advantage over their similarly priced competitors. XT25 Bi-Wire, for example, is essentially a scaled down version of
the top-of-the-range Genesis Bi-Wire cable sharing many of its geometrical features but having a smaller cross-sectional area and using 99.999% oxygen-free copper conductors in place of the more expensive silver-plated variety.

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QED XT25 speaker cable was designed from the top down and its musical performance derived from QED’s flagship Supremus cable in a more affordable package. QED has won more What Hi-fi? awards than any other single brand and with its XT25, this heritage is delivered at a sensible price.

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The cable uses a variation of QED’s X-Tube™ Technology by creating a hollow tubular conductor geometry out of individual conductor bunches. This allows both high and low frequencies to pass with equal ease when compared to traditional solid or stranded conductors.

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The cable’s insulating material has also been carefully chosen; LDPE jacket with 100% coverage of Aluminium Mylar tape wrap. The low-loss dielectric (insulating material between positive and negative conductors) ensures high fidelity of sound as the signal moves back and forth several times a second.

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QED XT25 has a large current carrying capacity as it’s made up of 99.999% oxygen-free copper. As a result, its electrical resistance is low and quality of sound heard remains true to the original.


Very Low DC Resistance

At QED we recognise that low DC resistance of the loudspeaker cable is of paramount importance for high fidelity signal transfer. This is because the speaker presents a frequency dependent load to the amplifier of which the cable forms a variable proportion. If resistance is allowed to be too large, then audible changes to the frequency response characteristics of the loudspeaker will be introduced which cannot be corrected by the amplifier’s negative feedback loop.

Very Low Inductance

Cable inductance is a prime cause of high-frequency attenuation and phase shift in loudspeaker cables. High inductance causes cable impedance to rise with frequency, reducing output in the very upper frequency range, sometimes preceded by response peaking.

Low-Loss Dielectric

It is not generally appreciated that electrical signals, moving at or near the speed of light in a circuit, do so via the medium of electromagnetic (EM) waveforms, which exist not only within the copper conductors themselves but also within the dielectric which insulates one from another. The movement of electrons around the circuit merely facilitates generation of the EM waveform, as their drift velocity, measuring only a few centimetres per second, is much slower than the speed of light.

X-Tube™ Technology

As frequency increases, electrons flow more and more towards the periphery of a conductor so that if the frequency is high enough only a very thin layer (or skin) on the outside of the conductor is used. This skin depth varies for different materials at a fixed frequency and in copper it means that if a conductor has larger than 0.66 mm 2 cross-sectional area, not all of that area is available for an analogue music signal to use.

Outside diameter 13.1 mm
Conductor area 5.0 mm2
Conductor chemistry 99.999% oxygen-free copper
Dielectric properties Air Gap (εr = 1.69)
Loop resistance 7.0 mΩ/m
Parallel capacitance 69 pF/m
Dissipation factor @ 10 kHz 0.0001
Self-inductance 0.36 μH/m

• Insulation – LDPE jacket, 100% coverage of Aluminium Mylar tape wrap

Also available:

• Termination speaker cables with NEW QED SUPERIOR AIRLOC METAL FORTE High Performance 4mm Plugs or spade connectors

• The QED XT25 in Single Configuration 2:2

• The QED Bi-Wire Link (Speaker Jumpers Cables)

• The QED Analogue Interconnects

• The QED other Speaker Cables



*100% High quality*

*fully tested*

*guarantee of quality*

*I send all item/s within 1-2 days*



If you would like a different combination of Qed spade connectors and banana plugs, or different cable lengths, please feel free to contact with us.

Please have a look at our other items.Thanks for looking.



*100% High quality*
*fully tested*
*guarantee of quality*
*I send all item/s within 1-2 days*


If you would like a different combination of QED spade connectors and banana plugs, or different cable lengths, please ask. Please have a look at our other items, Any questions please contact with me.Thanks for looking.


Additional information

Weight 1.30 kg

10 AWG

Connector A


Connector(s) B



Bi-Wire Speaker Cable (Terminated)


XT25 Bi-Wire

Cable Length

Optional or Custom Length




Bi-Wire Speaker Cable

Country/Region of Manufacture

United Kingdom





Manufacturer warranty



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Outside diameter 13.1 mm
Conductor area 5.0 mm2
Conductor chemistry 99.999% oxygen-free copper
Dielectric properties Air Gap (εr = 1.69)
Loop resistance 7.0 mΩ/m
Parallel capacitance 69 pF/m
Dissipation factor @ 10 kHz 0.0001
Self-inductance 0.36 μH/m



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