Tellurium Q Ultra Blue Speakers Jumper-Links Cables (Set of Two Speakers).


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A pairs of 25cm (Set of Two Stereo Speakers) Tellurium Q Ultra Blue Bi-Wire Link (Speakers Jumper Cables).

Cables is high pressure crimped of profesional crimping tool AIRLOC HIGH PERFORMANCE TERMINATION (for maximum contact surface area).High quality 24 gold-plated banana Z-Type plugs on both ends with extra crimped pin sections (Crimp sleeves).

The ends finished with branded White Tellurium Q Performance coded heat shrinks.

AIRLOC a solder-free, airtight perfect fusion between the two metals of cable and plug. This ‘cold weld’ method allows the cable and plug to offer the optimum signal transfer and therefore, better sound quality. It also reduces contact resistance and ensures perfect long-term performance.

So what do I do with these jumper cables?

Well, almost all speakers come with standard grade copper jumpers (bare rails). For a quick and effective upgrade to your bi-wirable speakers simply remove the standard connectors bare rails and affix ours for instant Tellurium.

NOTE: The Ultra Blue bi-wire link is designed to be used only with Tellurium Q Ultra Blue speaker cable to replace the external links that came with your speaker.

Tellurium Q Ultra Blue speakers cable also available.

Q Ultra Blue Speaker Cable:

Building on the strengths of the award wining Blue cable and going much further. This cable has been developed with home cinema, custom installation and good hifi performance in mind. If you like a full, rich, clear sound then you need to listen to your system with the Ultra Blue. In terms of performance the Ultra Blue sits assuredly between the entry level award wining Blue and the multi award wining Black cables.

The Ultra Blue is also one of the smaller ribbon forms that TQ produce, very different in size to the larger band type cables, but equally as visually appealing with a nice sky blue finish and white heat shrinks.

Ultra Blue is immediately a stronger performer and allows through such a surprising amount of detail it really took me by surprise, how much is this a metre…unterminated about £34.

There is still that softer edge to it, whereas the Black range of cables has a more neutral and tighter leading edge. It’s a clever little devil in the way it presents information.

The Ultra Blues may not have the crystalline slap, kick and punch to a kick drum of some higher priced offerings but they never lack presence in weight or shape of the bass registers. Listening to a bit of dance music took away a sharpness which can intimidate the listener into turning the volume back a few notches. Instead I was allowed a louder listen with plenty of seering treble, deep bass and the over emphasised soundstage which make dance music sound so good for me. Not as esoteric as it can sound, but giving a definite representation of every frequency without missing any portions of enjoyability due to a lack of bandwidth or potential in conveying convincingly what the recording artist has laid down on the track.

The Ultra Blue just seem to do something special without even trying, I could definitely declare them as one of the very best budget cables I’ve ever heard. There’s no, I can do this but can’t do that, they just convey a coherence that doesn’t allow the listener to criticise, especially at their meagre price point!

• *100% High quality*
• *fully tested*
• *guarantee of quality*
• *I send all item/s within 1-2 days*

Hi I wanted to add a few words from me.

Repeatedly tested my products and reaching for feedback from my clients and I’m certain that the results are better than with the original links and that bi-wiring there is unnecessary and expensive. All in all, my customers rate this as a very good value up-grade.

If you would like a different combination of spade to spade connectors, or banana to banana plugs, or different jumpers lengths, please ask.

Please have a look at our other items, Any questions please contact with me.Thanks for looking.

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Connector(s) B

Banana Z-Type Plugs


Jumper Cable



Connector A

Banana Z-Type Plugs

Cable Length


Manufacturer warranty

1 year

Country/Region of Manufacture

United Kingdom






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