DH-Labs Silver Sonic Odyssey mk2 Ultra Pure OFC Speaker Cable Price per metre Unterminated


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DH LABS Silver Sonic ODYSSEY MK2 price per/m unterminated Hi-Fi Audio Speaker Cables.


The quantity you enter will be the length in metres you receive in one long length unterminated cable. For example enter quantity 10 you will receive 10 metres in one long length.


*****We can offer this cable terminated with speaker connectors for example Airloc plugs or Spade Connectors or 24Gold-Plated BFA Z-Type 4mm plugs (Compatible with Arcam – Linn – Cyrus and all other good quality audio products).*****



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About Dh-Labs Odyssey MK2:

“Do speaker cables make a great difference in sound quality? Some people emphatically believe so. Other people think that all speaker cables sound the same regardless of price or quality of construction.

My opinion? I hear substantial differences, at best, between different brands of good quality cables. But differences between good quality and poor quality cables are much clearer.

Obviously, a high end speaker cable won’t magically allow a mediocre system to sound like a high end system, but a poor quality cable can substantially reduce the audio quality of any system.

To someone with my budget, the improvement in audio quality attained by the use of high end cables as opposed to affordable cables is simply too small to justify paying the high price; for the cost of an expensive set of speaker cables, I could replace my digital and analog sources, thereby achieving a far greater improvement in sound quality.

The question arises: are there any affordably-priced cables that will make a significant improvement in my system over standard, mass-market type speaker cables?

Labs, located in Jupiter, Florida in the Southeastern United States, produces cables for hi-fi audio use at prices that are not much higher than typical, mass-market cables. Of course, the company claims the cables to be high quality, but are they worth the extra cost above standard cables? Better still, could they be a bargain for the budget-minded, audio enthusiast?

Positive Impressions:

My initial impression of the Silver Sonic cables was that they lacked bass. It seemed as though bass was lost in the changeover from heavy-gauge, mass-market cables. After several tests, what became apparent was that the Silver Sonics did not have less bass; they had cleaner bass. The bass extension was still intact and all the bass was present, but it was tighter and better controlled with the this cable. Bass drums sounded deep and clean instead of booming and resonant; kick drums sounded quick and sharp. Bass response with the heavy gauge, standard cables tended to sound a little bloated and imprecise. This was an impression that was not welcome.

In the mid-range, the Silver Sonics again sounded cleaner than standard cables. However, unlike the bass, the mids seemed to have a stronger presence with the Silver Sonics. The mids did not sound as though they were being accentuated, but rather, the mids sounded less muted and more natural. The Silver Sonic Cables also had clearer and cleaner highs. The highs sounded slightly brighter and more detailed.Playhad cleaner, smoother, and more musical highs with the Silver Sonics.Well-recorded CDs sounded better than ever. The overall sound seemed more balanced and neutral.

Changes to the sound stage were more subtle with my system. The soundstage seemed somewhat broader and slightly deeper with many recordings, but remained unchanged with others. Three-dimensional imaging was noticeably clearer and more distinct.

D.H. Labs Silver Sonic speaker cables offer great value for the money. They do what speaker cables are supposed to do, which is, to transmit as much signal as possible between amplifier and speaker while adding a minimum of sonic artifacts, and they do it at a price that is not only reasonable, but a genuine bargain”.


Music lovers looking for open and dynamic sounding cables, without an unlimited budget, are invited to take any Odyssey with DH Labs. With its 14 awg multi-strand OFHC copper conductors and PE dielectric, the Odyssey is sure to satisfy all of the serious music lovers that have revered the natural sound of DH Labs cables for 19 years. Odyssey’s low price, flexibility and attractive appearance also make it perfect for home theater use!?


• 100% High quality
• Fully tested
• Guarantee of quality
• We send all item/s within 1-2 days


If you would like a terminated this cable of spade to spade connectors, or banana plugs at the both end, or different cable lengths, please feel free to contact with us.

Please have a look at our other items, Any questions please contact with me.Thanks for looking.

Additional information

Weight 0.15 kg

Speaker Cable (Single-Wire)


Dh Labs Silver Sonic

Cable Length


Unit Type


Country/Region of Manufacture

United States




Does not apply

Manufacturer warranty

2 years


14 AWG


• Color: Pearl White
• Diameter: 9.0 mm
• Conductors: 14 gauge


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