Chord Shawline X AUDIO SPEAKER CABLE 1m Unterminated (Custom Length)


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CHORD Company Shawline X Audio Speaker Cable Sold By The Meters Unterminated.

The quantity you enter will be the length in metres you receive in one long length unterminated cable (Without Plugs/Connectors). For example enter quantity 10 you will receive 10 metres in one long length.

For a Terminated Chord Shawline X Speaker Cables, please look for my other listings.


We can offer terminate your speaker cable using either 4mm banana plugs, spade or BFA Plugs, or, Chord Ohmic silver-plated 4mm Banana or Spade Connectors. All connections are professional terminated by our Qualified person within use Chord Company Hex Gun electric professional tool.


*****We can offer different combination Banana 24Gold-Plated BFA Z-Type 4mm plugs (Compatible with Arcam – Linn – Cyrus and all other good quality audio products).*****


OVERVIEW: Shawline X

Chord Shawline X speaker cable can convey great information extremely well and produce real improvements to the weight, attack and dynamic of bass, likewise mid and treble. Cymbals are noticeably more realistic and acoustic guitars and pianos.

This cable is part of the Shawline X cable range which includes loudspeaker cable and digital and analogue interconnects. Shawline X cables have been designed to perform together. However, all Chord interconnects and speaker cables follow a similar design philosophy. This means that all Chord cable ranges are compatible with each other.


I began with the speaker cables and Patti Page’s No Moon At All from the stereo 1959 reissue (you see? they were even reissuing music way back then) of 1950’s The West Side, fronting Pete Rugolo’s orchestra.

The Shawline speaker cables seemed to lift the entire soundstage upwards and towards the ear by degrees, effectively upping the gain a tad in the process. You might infer, therefore, that the sound had been artificially compressed with concomitant bright upper mids and tinny treble following close on its heels. That didn’t seem to be the issue here but I did frown a touch because there was, at least at this moment it seemed to be, a slight edge to the output.

The often confusing scramble on the left channel that saw the orchestra play both trumpet and trombone closely together can often have the ear mixing the two instruments up, on lower quality kit. The Shawlines separated the instruments enough to allow the ear to differentiate between the two. Hence, the resolution of the track was improved. The enhanced resolution also allowed the ear to separate one later sequence that had Page singing merrily, with a subtle piano right under her voice and secondary percussion behind her while the whole lot sat on the lower frequencies of a double bass. Each one of these sonic features could easily be heard, such was the instrumental separation from the Chords.

Moving to lead singer with Porcupine Tree, Steven Wilson’s solo LP The Raven That Refused to Sing And Other Stories. Playing this high energy title track, that slight clinical edge appeared again. This time on a rhythm guitar that plucked out the basic tune of the track over and over. I suddenly realised the simple solution (all solutions are simple when the light dawns). My pre-amp has 100 notches on his volume control. I lowered mine by just two notches and everything fell into place. Gone was any hint of the clinical but the detail and insight that I had previously experienced remained. If I upped the volume, the entire soundstage experienced a cooling with the odd instrument offering that clinical feeling. There was no actual brightness or harshness, though. The effect wasn’t particularly bad but the music suddenly played under a general spotlight.

When handled correctly, the vocals were emotional and full of subtle textures, cymbal hits were fragile and cloud-like, bass had punch and strength while there was enough life and vitality to the soundstage to get those feet tapping.


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NewChorAlloy™ Next-generation technology

The growing line-up of ChorAlloy-plated connectors/plugs is already being fitted to Chord Company cables.

The upgraded ChorAlloy™ plating is available on VEE3 and PTFE RCA/phono connectors, ChordOhmic speaker connectors (spade and 4mm banana), BNC connectors, most USB connectors and the connecting pins of DIN and XLR connectors.

C-series cables, Clearway USB cable, streaming cables and mini-jack connectors will remain the same.

ChorAlloy-fitted products can be identified by stickers or indicators on retail packs. Other distinguishing features are the anti-tarnish, steel-like appearance of the connectors and the enhanced performance!

Conductivity is typically measured using DC. Chord Company has always been interested in how its cables perform at higher frequencies: as you move up through the ranges, the bandwidth of the cables increase, along with many other important mechanical characteristics.

At higher frequencies, the clear performance advantage of silver becomes less clear. The presence of the Ag2S can give rise to intermodulation effects at high frequencies. These effects, especially as they are associated outside the normal audible sine wave bandwidth, haven’t ever been considered by any audio connector manufacturers to date (that Chord Company is aware of).

Chord Company looked at different plating techniques over a prolonged period, to try to reduce this effect. Following very considerable listening results, ChorAlloy was born. This multi-metal plating system provides significant musical improvement over previous silver plating techniques and marks a major step forward in connector performance.

The technology offers much lower intermodulation than silver plating, is tarnish-free, RoHS compliant and solderable. But, most importantly, it is musically superior to previous silver-plated connectors.

We are an authorised Chord Cables dealership, so you can be assured of new and genuine products, covered by a full manufacturers warranty.

Chord ShawlineX Bi-Wire Link (Speaker Jumpers Cables) also available.

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Conductor Silver-plated, high purity OFC
Insulation XLPE
Configuration Twisted pair
Shielding High density foil and 93% coverage metal braid. Translucent PVC outer jacket
AWG 16
mm2 1.31
Diameter 9.1mm


*100% High quality*

*fully tested*

*Warranty of quality*

*We send all item/s within 1-2 days*


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Additional information

Weight 0.15 kg
Cable Length

Custom Length

Connector A


Connector(s) B



Speaker Cable (Single-Wire)


Chord Company

Unit Type





16 AWG

Manufacturer warranty

10 years

Country/Region of Manufacture

United Kingdom




Conductor:         Silver-plated, high purity OFC

Insulation:           XLPE

Configuration:    Twisted pair

Shielding:            High density foil and 93% coverage metal braid. Translucent PVC outer jacket

AWG:                   16

mm2:                   1.31

Diameter:             9.1mm

Colour:                 Silver-Transparent


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